Mar 28, 2011

Project day at Middle Gate School, Newtown, CT, USA

Fourth graders throughout Middle Gate School researched and created "commercials" based on the New7Wonders project. Take a look at their creations.

Fourth-grade teacher Ellen Therrien launched a multi-faceted project based on the New7Wonders after seeing an article on the topic in a local paper. First, 105 students were split into 5 groups and assigned a candidate. Students researched the site, took notes and put together an essay that highlighted what they thought were the main reasons why their site should be one of the New7Wonders.

They then created a commercial/skit that would sell their site to the public (rest of the 4th grade). Each "commercial" had to include a background (map, site sketch), costumes, and information from their research. Sketches and maps were posted along the 4th grade hallway and each student was given 7 stickers to vote for their favorites. The votes were tallied and results were graphed. Along with this, the art teacher had students construct sites for their plaster project.

"We hit on every aspect of the curriculum - history (we read about the original 7 Wonders), current events, math, expository writing, computer skills, public speaking/fluency, reading for information, art, geography, cultures of the world and more," according to Ms. Therrien.

The student projects included: Taj Mahal (students pretended they were the ruler and his family and a reporter was interviewing them); Sydney Opera House(students were a news team - weatherman, onsite man, and anchor); Timbuktu (they were college students backpacking and received help from locals); Statue of Liberty (students were park rangers at the Statue), and Stonehenge (students were the stones and spoke to a tacky tourist!). The skits were creative, funny and informative.

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