May 30, 2011

Project day at Brentwood Middle School, Brentwood, TN, USA

Students in Patty Garman's sixth grade social studies classes at Brentwood Middle School in Brentwood, TN, culminated their study of world history by participating in the New7Wonders project. The students researched and wrote detailed advertising campaigns to promote their candidates.

The Sixth Grade Students first studied the ancient world wonders and decided what characteristics these wonders shared. Next they decided what criteria needed to be met to be considered a new world wonder. Armed with this information they divided themselves into collaborative groups to create "advertising campaigns" for all 21 of the nominated sites.

Each group started their work by researching their assigned site. Then, one half of each group prepared a billboard (poster) to inform others about the attributes of the site. Meanwhile, the other half of each group used their creativity to prepare a persuasive commercial (short movie) to entice others to vote for the site.

When the advertising campaigns were complete, all students examined the posters and viewed the commercials in preparation for voting in the global election.

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