Sep 8, 2011

Larger than life: Steven James' painting class and The New7Wonders of Nature

Steven James has many talents. As a singer-songwriter, he recently released the single "Wonder of Nature" in a tribute to the New7Wonders of Nature campaign, but for more than ten years now it's as a gifted painter of expressive and surrealistic, large-format acryl works with archetypal motifs, that he's been known in Germany.

From time to time, he invites kids from his neighborhood to his painting class to teach them the correct use of color and some of the tricks of the trade. On their New7Wonders of Nature project day, the small group turned out to be extremely productive.

Steve and three kids produced eight water color pictures that show New7Wonders Finalists Kilimanjaro, Uluru, Table Mountain, Matterhorn, Milford Sound, a Great Barrier Reef impression and a wonderful painting of a baby penguin in his Antarctic world.

"Nature provides the most inspiring painting motifs for kids — and also for me," James says. "Nature is larger than life, and that's the way art should be."

Start a New7Wonders project day in your school!

Tell your science or geography teacher, or head of school, that you want to include New7Wonders in your schoolwork or create a theme day at your school. Send us what you have created with your classmates, or any ideas you have, via email to Download the PDF with tools and resources first. We look forward to hearing from you!

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